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  Brand name: BENZYL BENZOATE  
  Formula: Lotion    
  Code: 2-1  

Benzyl benzoate 25%

  Detailed Information:

Against Scobies & Pediculosis .
Each 100ml contains : 25mg of Benzyl Benzoate .
Used externally for scabies and pediculosis .
Apply over the whole body after having a bath and leave the applied lotion for 24 hours; repeat for three uninterrupted days without bathing. Special care should be paid for the infected areas, and for changing the under-wears.
It might rarely cause skin irritation or burning sensation .
* 120 - 180ml is required for adults .
'" 60 - 90ml is required for children ; it should be extended with an equivalent amount of water.
* For infants : the amount of water which should be added should be three times equivalent to the amount of the lotion .
* Avoid contact with eyes & mucous membranes .

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