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  Brand name: BARKANEURINE  
  Formula: Coated Tablets    
  Categories: Vitamins & Tonics  
  Code: 14-4  

Each film coated tab. contains :
Vit. B1    100 mg
Vit. B6    200 mg
Vit. B12  500 mcg

  Detailed Information:

As adjuvant in the treatment of the following:
- Neuritic pains; acute or chronic neuritis and polyneuritis.
-  Neuralgia.
- Toxic damages of the nerve tissue: alcoholism, diabetic polyneuropathy, drug intoxication.
Oral administration: 1-2 coated tablets daily.
BARKANEURIN and BARKANEURIN FORTE are contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to one or more of the components, particularly the B1, B6 and B12 vitamins.
Vitamin B12 is contraindicated in psoriasis because patients with existing psoriasis may react to vitamin B12 with a so-called “flare reaction”, a worsening of the psoriasis symptoms.
Thiamine (vitamin B1):
In individual cases, profuse sweating, tachycardia, skin reactions with pruritus and urticaria, feeling of weakness, nausea, agitation, globus-symptom, angioneurotic edema, cyanosis, lung edema, hemorrhage in the gastrointestinal tract and circulatory collapse have been described (especially in sensitive patients).
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (vitamin B6):
Pyridoxine can cause or exacerbate acne vulgaris or acne-like exanthema. Allergic reactions are rare. High doses can lead to an increase of SGOT in the serum. Prolactin release is inhibited. Pyridoxine stimulates the decarboxylisation of levodopa and can reduce the therapeutic effect of the latter in M. Parkinson if a decarboxylase inhibitor is not administered simultaneously.
In rare cases, reversible peripheral sensory neuropathy has been observed when high doses (>500 mg per day) were administered over a longer period.
Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12):
High doses can occasionally cause acne.
Allergic reactions are rare.
Boxes of 20 film coated tablets.

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