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  Brand name: BARKAVIT E  
  Formula: Capsules    
  Categories: Vitamins & Tonics  
  Code: 14-6  

Each capsule contains :
Vit.E    100mg

  Detailed Information:

Barkavit E is indicated in:
- Vit E deficiency of Malnutrition & Malabsorption origin
- Hemolytic Anemia of Vit E deficiency origin.
- As an adjacent therapy in muscular and connectivetissue trauma.
- Intermittent claudication.
- To prevent (intensive care unit patients from oxygen poisoning.
Vit E must not be prescribed with vit K, estrogens & Antacids.
- Hypersensitivity to vit E .
Normally side effects are very rare, but of some blured vision
diarrhoea headache, tiredness have been noticed while using big
doses for long periods of time.
Normally 1 - 3 caps. per day or as prescribed by the physician.
Boxes of 20 capsules.

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