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  Brand name: BARKAVIT B6  
  Formula: Coated Tablets    
  Categories: Vitamins & Tonics  
  Code: 14-8  

Each F.C.tab. contains
Vit.B6    250mg

  Detailed Information:

BARKAVIT B6 is indicated in the treatment of Vit. B6 deficiency syndromes i.e.:
- Nausea & Vomiting of pregnancy, radiation, & drug induced undesirable effects caused by use of Isoniazid & anticancer drugs .
Because of its incompatibility with levodopa (pyridoxine) Vit. B6 should not be prescribed to patients suffering from Parkinsonism or Parkinson's disease, as it must not be used to children under 10 years of age .
- Vit. B6 is hydrosoluble so it rarely develops any poisoning incidents when taken in therapeutic doses. But it may develop some habituation syndromes if used for more than two months .
- Using Vit. B6 for longer periods may develop peripheral neuritis.
1- 2 F.C.tab. daily or as prescribed by the physician ,
Boxes of 20 F.C.tab.

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