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  Formula: Cream    
  Categories: Dermatological Drugs  
  Code: 2-3  

Each 100 gr contains:
Cetrimide     0.5 gr

  Detailed Information:

CETRIMIDE-BARAKAT is indicated for the treatment of primitively bacterial skin diseases or diseases subject to superinfection.
- Application on the mucous membranes especially genital mucous membranes (risk of balanitis and erosive vaginitis).
- Hypersensitivity to one of the constituents, in particular to the derivatives of quaternary ammoniums and to paraben.
- This product must not come in contact with eyes, brain, meninges, or penetrate the otic cavity in case of tympanic perforation.
- Infants who have previously experienced convulsions with or without fever (due to the terpene derivatives present in the excipients).
- Possibility of erosive lesions can develop to ulcer and necrosis under occlusive dressing. 
- Allergic local reaction is possible. 
- Use on the rectal mucous membrane can cause atony similar to that observed with curariforms.
- Due to the presence of terpene derivatives in the excipients of the product, and if the patient did not respond to the recommended doses, the following side effects may occur:
- a risk of convulsion in pediatric patients;
- a possibility of agitation and confusion in geriatric patients.
This product is intended for cutaneous use only.
To be applied 1-2 times daily.
-The quaternary ammoniums are incompatible with soaps and anionic compounds. 
-The quaternary ammoniums are inactive in the presence of cellulose and cotton fibers.  
Aluminium tubes of 50 gr, 80 gr.

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