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  Brand name: BARCOLAN  
  Formula: Coated Tablets    
  Categories: Gastrointestinal System Drugs  
  Code: 7-28  

Each tab contains:
Hyoscine-n-butyl-Br. 10mg

  Detailed Information:

Barcolan compound is indicated in painful conditions associated with spasms or/ and smooth muscle colics E.M:
- G.l.T pain spasm.
- Urinary tract, biliary and colon spasms.
Patients with hypersensitivity to the drug's components and patients with:
- Glaucoma
- Prostatic hypertrophy, anuria, bowel paralysis.
- Renal or liver impairment.
Dryness of the mouth, high eye pressure,drowsiness, blurring of vision.skin rash palpitation, slight blood dyscrasia
Tablets: Adults: 20mg 4 times daily.
Children 6-12 years: 10mg daily. Irritable bowel syndrome: 10mg 3 times daily increased if required up to 20mg
4 times daily.
 Suppositories: Adults and Children over 14 years: one supp. of BARCOLAN
or BARCOLAN compound 1 - 3 times daily. Syrup: Children 1-6 years: one spoonful (5ml) 3-5 times daily.
over 6 years: 1-2 spoonful (5ml) 3-5 times daily.
Boxes of 20,30,500 tablets.

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