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  Brand name: TIDRONE FORT  
  Formula: Tablets    
  Categories: Drugs Affecting Bone Metabolism  
  Code: 6-2  

Each tablet contains:
Etidronate disodium 400 mg

  Detailed Information:

Indications :
Tidrone forte is used as an adjunct in the treatment of severe hypercalcaemia . especially when associated with malignancy
Tidrone forte is used in the treatment of pagets disease of bone and osteoporosis
It may be used for the prevention and treatment of ectopic ossification and management of malignancies .
Contraindications :
Hypersensitivity to  the drug
Patients with moderate to severe renal insufficiency
Side Effects :
May cause gastro – intestinal disturbance , it may produces marked impairment of bone mineralization at high therapeutic doses and may result in osteomalcia and fractures , an increase in bone pain patients with pagets disease
Dosage and administration:
Pagets disease : the initial dose is 5 mg per kg body – weight daily for not more than 6 months . doses above 10 mg per kg daily should not be given for more than 3 month . the maximum dose is 20 mg per kg daily . the response to disodium etidronate may be slow in onset and may sontinue fore several months after cessation of therapy , further treatment should only be given after a drug – free interval of least 3 months and after evidence of relapse
For the prevention and treatment of ectopic ossification : 20 mg per kg daily for one month before and 3 months after the operation . for ectopic ossification due to spinal cord injury : 20 mg per kg daily for 2 weeks followed by 10 mg per kg daily for 10 weeks .
For the treatment of osteoporosis : etidronate is given in an intermittent or cyclical regimen with calcium salt , disodium etidronate  400 mg is given by mouth daily for 14 days followed by  the equivalent of 500 mg of elemental calcium by mouth for 76 days , treatment has continued for 3 years in most patients .
Boxes of 30 tabs.

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