Quality Control

Quality philosophy in BARAKAT is based on the concept of supplying perfect products to the customers through a strategy that intends for zero mistake in manufacturing operations, packaging, storage and distribution of the products.
BARAKAT has a superior, hi-tech quality control lab, divided to three labs:

  • Chemical Lab
  • Physical Lab
  • Microbiological Lab

where various physical, chemical, and microbiological tests are conducted to guarantee the optimum quality of the company’s products which enabled us to obtain these certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015

The lab is run by a group of highly qualified experts who hold the highest scientific degrees and have developed an enviable know-how.
BARAKAT quality management is built and continuously improved to meeting satisfaction of customers, the national and international requirements and the advancements in the fields of quality and pharmaceutical technology.
Quality system in BPI is built up on a precautionary measure to prevent errors before it comes to the fore, by using knack and technology fit to the maximum needs.
The strict gear of the quality system in BPI is one of the piers that support BARAKAT’s leading stand and capabilities in the Local and International pharmaceutical markets.





Work Hours

S-T: 9am - 3pm